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tv   11 News Today  NBC  April 22, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> a volcano continues to you up, but passengers stranded overseas begin to make their way home. >> could there be a day where the inner harbor would be clean enough to swim and fish in it? >> a big suspension for ben roethlisberger. we will ask what you think about it. >> are we in for a break from the wet weather? we continue right now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> good morning. i am mindy basara.
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>> and i am stan stovall. >> it is earth day. >> leave early for work. the fog is the big story this morning. he did not know mother earth was before custer. visibility is down to pay a couple of hundred feet. >> you need to go back to bed. >> i can see for miles. low 50's.r 40's and give yourself extra time. 47 at the airport. it will be a pretty decent day. sunshine will make it jumped to 70 degrees today. we could see a few scattered showers today. we will check the forecast weekend. good morning to sarah. >> shake my head.
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let's look outside. outer loop, an accident coming in. the fog is contributing to a tough start. watch for an accident in the city at eastern avenue. southbound route 1 is closed off the dam because of an accident. 11 minutes on the outer loop north side. five-minute ride on south to the fort mchenry. you cannot see a lot. the fog is thick this morning. no problems getting towards the j.f.x.. it is barely -- you can barely see anything on the harrisburg express coming out of parke ton. just take it slow. >> thank you. a long overdue palm coming at thurgood marshall airport as the first overseas air flights
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finally arrived. >> the arrival was the first in over a week but it still will be several days before things return to normal. jennifer franciotti has more. >> some of the people trapped overseas were u.s. troops. they had been deployed for six months to a year and were finally able to make their way back. families were anxious for them to be home. those on the first british airways flight return purred everyone seemed to understand the reason for the delayed -- plumes of ash from icelandic raging volcano. it did find ways to pass the time. >> i saw friends and old colleagues. i played it and worked. i think it was difficult for
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families and for some people. it was difficult when i did not think i would make to london from germany. >> i am not angry. the volcano seems like a serious thing to me. >> we did catch up with some folks that were trapped on this side of the pond. everything should be back up and running for british airways today. make sure you call your airline just to check. jennifer franciotti, wbal tv 11 news. >> five people are recovering after they were stabbed in southeast baltimore. this was just after 2:00 a.m. this morning. the victims were suffering from cuts to their backs, arms, and faces. >> police have a man in custody
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with the deadly shooting yesterday along calvin avenue. he was identified through the city watch cameras. no word on what prompted the shooting. the mother and colts member who pled guilty to starving her child to death will not face any charges. ria ramkissoon has been in jail. prosecutors say cult leader's order food be withheld from the child. a judge sentenced the woman. >> authorities say a man assaulted a minor several times over several months. bartley is licensed to the
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ministries and faces up to 140 years in prison. another case is under investigation. police charged jarvis spain after it will then let him in to use the bathroom. he was selling magazine subscriptions. >> stephanie rawlings-blake has signed the toughest ethics rules in the state. the legislation is aimed at closing some of the loopholes involving sheila dixon. it will make it more independent by limiting the number of appointees. >> it will make a difference. people of our city and state demand more from the government and this new ethics board is a good example of us moving
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forward with transparency and ethical reform. >> the second part of the package clarify laws requiring city officials to report receiving gifts from anyone doing business with the city. >> there is a new plant to make the inner harbor clean up enough to swim and fish in. there is a new plant to clean up the toxins. it includes plans to attract fish. >> if we securities with a very durable grist and we put some media in between to make a sandwich, we can create a flotation device for creating artificial wetlands. " for more information on how you can get involved, we have
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some links on a website, >> interesting concept. there is good and bad news for residents with the budget proposal. there are no tax hikes or layoffs. there is more money for partnership grants and emergency assistance funds. >> one of the things i am most proud of is we worked with our board of education. they are returning $3.9 million. >> to make ends meet, at 200 county positions will remain vacant. there could be five furlough days and will be no cost of living paid pay raises. >> ben roethlisberger will not be suiting up for a large part of the upcoming football season. he has been suspended for six games for a pattern of behavior
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that violates the leagues conduct policy. there is a second claim of sexual assault against him. the suspension could be reduced to four games. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. do you think the nfl's six-game suspension of ben roethlisberger is a fair punishment? e-mail your reponse to >> 6;06, 50 degrees. coming up, the mornings financial news. >> the search for survivors continues in the gulf coast. >> usually is the teachers breaking up fights in the school. story at aizarre texas high school. >> today is earth day. appliance plant is giving away a free washer and dryer.
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>> the fog continues to plague the morning commute. the morning commute. we will see if there are any
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ahhhhh. the passion. >> a very good morning to you. 51 degrees as we took a look at 695 at the beltway. give yourself some extra time for your morning commute. it will take the sun couple of hours to burn the fog off. we are talking about earth day today. we have the maryland and federal
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cash rebate for your old appliances going on. here at appliance plant, they are already busy. you are offering what? >> we are offering free delivery and doubled rebates and ridiculous discounts on appliances today. " you want to get rid of the power-trading appliances to get something more energy efficient. >> the new energy-inefficient appliances are more energy efficient. >> you are giving away a free washer and dryer to the first 20 people through the door. you still have time. we're on old court road in pikesville. check it out. make a contribution to earth day. we're dealing with nothing here
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except the fog this morning. mild, 68 degrees. >> we will throw a little bit of rain into the picture this weekend. it is earth day. do something friendly for the environment. plant a tree. this is the time of year to do something about that. 51 in baltimore. the fog is the big store. visibility is down. give yourself extra time this point -- the fog is the big story. the storm that give us the rain yesterday is off the coast. there is a front coming into this afternoon which will have 30% chance for rain shower. we can see some rain in parts
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of indiana and illinois. maybe a little bit of rain later this afternoon. we will wind up with a fairly decent day. the middle portion will be nice. there will be sunshine and late this afternoon a chance for a passing shower. sunrise in just a few minutes, 6:19. clearing overnight after a chance for some rain showers early. temperatures drop back to the 40's. high pressure will be moving down the new wing and coast tomorrow. it will keep us dry. it will be cooler on friday with high temperatures in the mid 60's. a dry day on friday. a good chance for some rain on saturday. warmer on sunday and monday. scattered storms and s
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thunderstorms. a high of 67 on wednesday. but not the best forecast for the weekend. let's check out the roadways this morning with sarah. good morning. >> we are seeing an impact. a new accident just coming in on southbound 29 in howard county. a new accident in the city. in darlington, southbound route 1 is shut down heading out of the dam area because of an accident that has been there for about an hour. delays developing southbound on the harrisburg express. it is extra at foggy and you'll find delays. it looks like it is lifting just a bit at green spring. moving well towards the jfx.
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good shape into town. we will let you know if delays start to form here. that is the latest on traffic post 11. >> 11 people remain missing from an oil rig explosion off the coast of the louisiana. they are patrolling the area. there was a huge fireball. 126 people were on board. 17 were injured. protesters are lining up over a new immigration reform bill that amounts to legalized racial profile. it would allow police to stop and arrest anyone who cannot produce documentation of their citizenship. there is a bill that would require people to show their
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birth certificates in order to appear on the state ballot. a teacher has been dismissed for fighting in school. there was video of him boxing students in the hallway. each of the students in the video say they agreed to the boxing matches. school officials say it was a in judgment onpse the part of the teacher. >> a software update caused customers to misread a nonthreatening file that cost tens of thousands of machines to produce. there is doubt a replacement for users to download. the latest home sales numbers are coming out.
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jane king has that story and more. >> the health of the housing market is back in focus today. sales of existing homes probably increased last month. buyers rushed to take advantage of the home buyer tax credit. we do get the report just after the opening bell. keep a close watch on what president obama says about reforming wall street. asian stocks already felt this morning on fears of new bank rules. big profits at apple and boeing were up against renewed threats of greece's problems. maryland's hotel and retail industry -- shares fell yesterday. the company expects to turn a better quarterly profit. lasalle properties has been on
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a winning trend. they are losing 40 cents a share. lasalle saw room revenue fall. marriott international is scheduled to release its quarterly results ahead of the opening bell. i'm jane king. >> 6:20, 48 degrees. >> the ravens will have a new start-to-be in their nests. there is a rumor of a shakeout inside the orioles' dugout. >> do you think the nfl's six- game suspension of ben roethlisberger is a fair punishment? e-mail your reponse to >> look at last night winning maryland lottery numbers.
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>> good morning. sarah caldwell checking under early morning commute. there is heavy fog out there this morning. there is an accident in howard county. another accident on east avenue. one more problem spot, this is in darlington.
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southbound route one is shut down. watch for that this morning. there will be delays for me in that area. harrisburg expressway north of the beltway. we are looking good as far as delays. the fog is thick. take it easy as you head out this morning. give yourself extra time. that is the latest on traffic. tony has more in the forecast. >> the sun is up now. it will take a couple of hours for the sun to burn the fog off. be careful out there. 47 at the airport. 41 in westminster. it will be nice for the middle of the day. a slight chance for some rain showers as a front comes through. it will be close to 70 degrees. time for the nfl draft.
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here is the man. >> i nozzie we trust. ravens fans look ahead to the nfl draft -- in ozzie we trust. the ravens having 25th pick. quarterback, defensive end. the best tight end, at number 18 out of oklahoma. he did not play last year injury. he is very strong and quick. number 48 of arizona is also a good player. regardless of the ravens take, the ravens think they are in good hands with ozzie newsesome. >> the coaches are very involved. they are working hard.
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we have conversations and they encourage everybody to fight for your guys. >> we will have extensive coverage on the draft. i am heading up to new york this morning. we will have our nfl draft special on saturday night at 7:00 p.m. the orioles are on their way to boston this morning. another game, another loss in seattle. you have to wonder how long dave trembley is going to survive. he ripped his team. the orioles had a 1-0 lead. nick markakis scored. the orioles did not score another run. seattle scored four in the fourth. this clears the kevin millwood bases off kevin. turner was unable to make a routine play. the orioles lose for this one.
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the next four games are against the red sox and the yankees. >> it is not may yet and i'm already depressed. >> they could turn it around. >> there you go. >> stan stovall. >> all right. 6:26. much more ahead this morning. >> flights to and from europe are back up and running. details from folks returning to bwi marshall. >> president obama back in the big apple today pushing to reform wall street on his own turf. i am kate amara in washington. >> find out how you can get more energy efficient with your refrigerator with a
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>> this is wbal tv 11 news today in hd. >> good morning. welcome back. i'm stan stovall.
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>> and i am mindy basara. happy birthday. >> do something nice for planet earth today. the big weather story is fog. visibility is down. it will take some time for the fog to burn off. a cold front will move again. temperatures will make it close will 70. kent county school are under a one-hour delay. queen anne's county public schools are opening 90 minutes late with no pre-k this morning. the fog will be with us until 8:00 or 9:00 this morning. now to the news desk. >> trans-atlantic flights from europe are finally arriving at thurgood marshall airport. >> the volcanic ash cloud finally dissipated. jennifer franciotti joins us live with more of the story.
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>> there is a segment of the population that got delayed just like everybody else. i am talking about u.s. troops. they got a major will come home last night. screams of delight net u.s. troops coming home. men and women had to wait because of the ash cloud from the raging volcano in iceland. >> it happens. you cannot do anything about it. >> we have been delayed a couple of days. we are glad to be he. >> also happy to back our passengers on the first flight in nearly a week. >> i had three flights and $5,000 and hopefully i will recover some of it from u.s. airways because i took a b.a.
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flights. >> i do research. >> most pastors were understanding of the delays -- most passengers were understanding of the delays. >> i saw friends, i saw old colleagues. i played. i worked. i think it was very difficult for families. it was difficult for some people. it was difficult when i did not think i would make it to london from germany. >> i did not see any point in being angry about a volcano. >> as for british airways, officials do believe flights will resume as normal today. call ahead just to be safe. >> president obama heads to the financial capital to push for tougher financial regulations.
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kate amara has a preview. good morning. >> it is so nice to talk to you. the president heading to manhattan today. it is the same place where candidate obama made the same pitch. the opening bell marks the latest round in the fight over wall street reform with president obama in the center of the ring, a speech in new york city. >> the president will remind us what we have at stake as we move forward and hopefully get something passed out of the senate. >> the u.s. chamber of c commerce is weighing in. >> republicans want to help resolve these difficulties for our country. >> pressure is mounting to find
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common ground. >> i am optimistic we will get a bill. we are not there yet. i think we're closer than we have ever been. >> we want to big to fail to go away. >> the white house agrees. >> let's bring this thing in. it has been more than two years. >> democrats may force a test vote on monday. >> you have a great day. >> the list of the top movers and shakers is out. the fourth annual list of the most influential marylanders was awarded last night. 60 leaders in state, health care, and other endeavors were honored. our congratulations go to all,
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especially the boss. >> kissing up never hurts. never. let's check your morning commute. it is a foggy start. if you can get out extra early, it is tough to see. we are getting reports of some debris on northbound 95. watch for an accident in this city. south on rte. 1, all lanes are closed in the southbound direction. northbound traffic does get by. we do have some sluggish conditions. still moving pretty well on the north and west side. down to belfast, is somthere ise fog. we switched to a live view of
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the harrisburg expressway. so far so good as you approached the beltway. now we check in live with sandra shaw. >> take a look at all of the people around here. there are signing up for a raffle. someone will win a free washer and dryer. i am here with the owner. i am sorry i stepped on your foot per it you are doubling the rebate. >> correct. >> why are you doing that? >> we feel we need to get more stimulus. >> it was confusing with the whole probgram. >> we have the rebate forms and
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everything for people. >> it is interesting. you have to say you are going to recycle your old model so it does not continue to drain power. the new models are pretty efficient. >> correct. >> people are on the bandwagon for sure. we are at appliance land. people are getting in on the action early on earth day. it looks like we will be tried later on today. we will see the sun come out. about 70 degrees. bayfront comes through tomorrow. interim in showers. -- a friend comes through tomorrow. >> 6:37, 47 degrees. >> a circular saw goes
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>> we have some stories about not paying attention. they did not see this coming parrot a salt lake became loose and toward its way through a neighborhood home. it came from equipment used by contractor krugman. nobody was inside the home at the time per it is stuck inside the house. they finished the job. no word on the cost of the damage. >> ohio state university. there was quite a ruckus.
6:41 am
a pair of cows tried to try out for the football team. or a least graze the field. there were finally corralled. police were trying to figure out how they ended up on campus. perhaps a senior prank. >> it sounds like a likelihood. 6:39. will check the opening headlines. >> the fog this kind of a thick out there. give yourself some extra time. there is a shock and in looks like we are above the fog looking down. 47 d
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>> welcome back. five people are recovering after the were stabbed in southeast baltimore. police were called to respond. this was after 2:00 a.m. this morning. they found the victims and there is no word on their condition. police in west baltimore have a man in custody in connection with a deadly shooting yesterday. calvin williams was arrested yesterday after police identified him. there is no word on what prompted the shooting. ben roethlisberger will not be suiting up for a large part of the upcoming season. he has been suspended for six games for a pattern of behavior that violates the leagues conduct policy.
6:45 am
there are claims that have not resulted in criminal charges. his suspension could be reduced to four games. >> that brings us to where water cooler question of the day. we asked -- do you think the nfl's six-game suspension of ben roethlisberger is a fair punishment? lynne says that sex offenders are supposed to be in jail, not winning super bowls. >> it all comes down to allegations. there is no concrete evidence. by accusing someone of wrongdoing -- >> he finds himself not once but twice in on compromising positions with a woman. by not hearing on the same
6:46 am
level as was given to michael vick, i think he is getting away with a slap on the wrist and that is unfortunate. we will post more responses on our website, >> good morning. we are looking at your morning commute. you need some extra time because of the fog. there are several accidents to watch out for. watch for some debris in the road on northbound 95. we have an accident location wrapping up. there is one near the dam. all southbound lanes are closed. it will be slow. outer loop, about an 11-minute drive. down to 32 of the southwest.
6:47 am
moving west on 295 at 32. we switch to the harrisburg expressway. problem free. that is the latest period which second live with sandra shaw. she is talking about birth date. do you do laundry? >> i love be fabric softeners and the tropical-spelling detergents. it is not just launch it. things like refrigerators. look at how many people have showed up. -- it is not just laundry. are doubling the rebate. >> absolutely. we're giving more stimulus to the state of maryland. >> it is much more efficient. these newer models, you get rid of the power training and you will have a nice new model.
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>> we do not know how long the government money is going to last. >> you have to hurry. these people certainly have. let's look at the weather. we're going to be dealing with more sun this afternoon. there is a system to our west which will be giving us some intermittent showers as we head to the weekend. quest this is the day we should be doing something nice for the planet. you do not have to do anything global. start with your neighborhood. maybe plant a tree. the headline is the fog. is a building is down. give yourself 10 extra minutes. rkville.rt the rain we had yesterday is
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gone. the sun is up and we will start to burn off the fog. we're watching a cold front and it will come through late this afternoon with the possibility of some rain showers. we could see some light rain. we will put a 30% chance for a little precipitation this evening. we are waiting for the fog to burn off. the middle of the day will be nice. it will be a mixed of sun and clouds. temperatures will make it close to 70. a chance for a shower early tonight. temperatures will drop back into the 40's. high pressure will be in control tomorrow. it will be cool. the wind will be out of the north east. the temperatures will be held back to the 60's.
6:50 am
a fairly decent chance for some rain on saturday with a high of only 60 degrees. it does get warmer on sunday and monday. it will not be a complete washout this weekend. but you will be dealing with some rain. it will start to clear off early next week. the rain will be gone early tuesday morning. fog out there this morning. >> thurgood marshall airport will be getting busier today. flights are resuming after a week-long hiatus. this is good news. >> it is no fun to be stopped. imagine if you are a member of the military. you have been away for a year and you cannot wait to get home.
6:51 am
and then you are displayed by a volcano. their return was delayed by days. there was a big reunion last night. everyone that we talked to seemed to understand the reason for the delay, the huge plumes of ash from the volcano. they found ways to pass the time. british airways flights are expected to resume. but make sure you call ahead. jennifer franciotti, wbal tv 11 news. >> thank you. 6:51. >> the w
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>> fog is an issue. >> yes, a big issue. let's check the problem spots. there is a disabled truck. there is an accident at southbound 29. there is an accident in arlington. watch for those closures. 60 minutes on the outer loop west side. a quick live look at traffic shows the fog. >> a final look at the forecast with tony pancakes. >> the sun is up. we are working on the fog. there is a slight chance for rain shower. maybe a nice middle of the afternoon with a high near 70. >> i was referring to something
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we showed our viewers earlier this morning. 8 viewer knows all our names but thought it would be funny to come up with different names. stan snowball for me. >> tony pancakes. >> sandra spaghetti. >> french toast. >>, about sierra ravioli? >> thank you for joining us. >> be sure to tune in to wbal radio around-the-clock. >> pancakes on the five.
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